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Purpose: Local Law 196 of 2017, requires Supervisors at job sites requiring a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety


Course Time:

July 18: 8:30AM to 5:30PM - 8HR SSM Refresher

July 19: 8:30AM to 9:30AM - 1HR Electroction


July 19: 9:30AM to 10:30AM - 1 HR Ergonomics

July 19: 10om Sun E

July 19: 11:45AM to 12:45PM - 1HR As Awa

July 19: 1:15PM to 5:30PM - 4HR Supported Scaffold


July 26: 8:30AM to 5:30PM - 8HR Fall Prevention


August 1: 8:30AM to 10:30AM - 2HR Drug and Alcohol Awareness


August 1: 10:45AM to 12:45PM - 2HR Tool Box Talks


August 1: 1:15PM to 3:15PM - 2HR SSP


August 1: 3:30PM to 5:30PM - 2HR Pre-Task Meeting


8HR Fall Prevention

8HR Site Safety Manager Refresher/Chapter 33

4HR Supported Scaffold

2HR Drug and Alcohol Awareness

2HR Site Safety Plan

2HR Tool Box Talks

2HR Pre-Task Safety Meetings

1HR Electrocution Prevention

1HR Ergonomics

1HR Protection from Sun Exposure

1HR Asbestos/Lead Awareness

Location: ONLINE


Language: Mandarin

Students will be assessed by attendance, participation, verbal quiz, & written test. The verbal quizzes are pass/fail and the written test has a passing score of 70%. The verbal quizzes and the written test are prepared for throughout the class

40HR  Site Safety Manager Card has been verified

Please contact us for more information or fill out the Card Verification form.

NYC DOB Approved Course Provider: 4Q83

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